Print Options

photo restoration print option
A restored photo printed on canvas would make the perfect gift! Have a look at some of the print options we offer for your restored photos

Standard Photo Paper

Normal gloss finish photo paper. Perfect for photo albums or photo frames.

High Gloss Photo Paper

This is a low glare, high gloss paper which makes the colours look really bright and vivid. (Only available for sizes A3 and A4)

Acrylic Prints

photo restoration acrylic print option

A really modern and highly sophisticated looking option which is perfect for offices or in your living room. Acrylic prints consist of your restored photo printed on a high quality photo paper which is then mounted on the back of a clear perspex frame. The perspex comes with mounts which make them ready to hang in minutes!

Loose Canvas Prints

photo restoration loose canvas print option

A classic medium! Your restored photo will be printed on a loose piece of canvas (unframed) which you can then frame on your own. The canvas is a high quality canvas which can last upto 20 years.

Stretched Canvas Prints

photo restoration stretched canvas print option

The printed canvas is stretched and tacked onto a wooden frame with a backing board. The canvas is a high quality canvas which can last upto 20 years.


photo restoration photo blocks option

Photo-blocks are made by printing your restored photo on high gloss paper which is then sealed before being applied onto a square piece of wood. Looks amazing when displayed in groups!